Tournament Results Rankings and Titles for 2014

December is here, so that means the end of the tournament season has arrived. Honorable Warrior Martial Arts put on an amazing performance this year capturing national rankings as well as state championship titles. HWMA puts an emphasis on health and self defense, but tournaments are always a way to help students gain experience such as sparring different people. At a tournament you don’t get to pick your opponent and you never know what have drilled in class, same thing in a situation on the streets the bully or attacker is an unknown person and HWMA students must learn to adapt just as they learn to do at tournaments. Tournaments also help promote stage presence or confidence performing in front of an audiences. These are just a few of the reasons HWMA allows tournaments as an extracurricular activity. HWMA does not demand students to go to tournaments, but it is suggested. HWMA also does not require tournaments for belt promotions, tournaments are for experience and overall just for fun. Having said that, there are some students who did attend tournaments this year, and did very well.

Starting off with the more local titles was the Texas Amateur Sport Karate championship title, or TASK championship title. Eight students from HWMA qualified to attend this championship, only one student attended. Joseph, Isaiah, and Brianna Colon or better known as “the kids with attitude”, all qualified for this championship tournament in their perspective divisions. Sophia and Mia Castillo also placed for this tournament in their perspective divisions. Bradley Odoms, who is the little brother of Assistant Instructor Brandon Odoms also qualified in his divisions. Joey Serna also did an amazing job this tournament season and qualified to attend. Out of eight students who qualified only one attended and claimed her throne. Chloe Gutierrez will be receiving a beautiful jacket stating TASK champion on it. Only the best attended this tournament, it was not an open tournament; one had to qualify to have a shot at the TASK jacket. One school thought they could just show up, but they were mistaken and had to send some students home. Congratulations to Chloe Gutierrez who won the TASK championship title for 2014. 

Next is the International Rankings through ICMAC or International Chinese Martial Arts Circuit. Isaiah Colon is ranked third internationally! This means he is ranked third not only in the nation but in other countries as well. Isaiah is ranked third in Traditional Hand Forms, Beginner Boys (7-9) Isaiah is only 7! Briana achieved the same goal as her brother except in the Traditional Hand Forms, Beginner Girls (7-9). Congratulations to the twin dragons. Assistant Instructor Brandon Odoms is ranked twelfth internationally in Wushu Hand Forms, Advanced Boys (13-17). Brandon Odoms is also ranked sixth internationally in Wushu Long Weapons, Advanced Boys (13-17). In sparring Isaiah Colon is ranked sixth in Continuous sparring Beginner Boys 9 and under his twin dragon is ranked tenth in Beginner Girls 9 and under. The older brother of the two is ranked number eight internationally in Continuous sparring Intermediate Boys 9 and under. Assistant Instructor Brandon Odoms is ranked eighth internationally as well in Continuous sparring Advanced Boys (13-15)

Congratulations to all HWMA students like mentioned earlier HWMA emphasizes health and self defense. Strong minds and strong bodies come first, tournaments are for fun. These students have accomplished all required materials for class and testing as well as put on demonstrations for local city events. I am very proud of all my students who attended tournaments and showed others what Honorable Warrior Martial Arts is all about. I am very honored to be your instructor. Thank you students for all of your hard work!