Tournament Results 3/1/14

Harligen Kung Fu wins!
It had been seven months since Honorable Warrior Martial Arts had attended a Karate/Tae Kwon Do tournament. These tournaments consist of pure Karate/Tae Kwon Do Judges and officials. The sparring that takes place at these tournaments is called point sparring. In point sparring one point is awarded to the fighter who lands a punch, and two points are awarded for each kick. These attacks do not have to be hard hits, they just have to make contact with the opposing fighter. This type of fighting is not what Honorable Warrior Martial Arts in Harlingen emphasizes on. The only martial arts tournaments that take place in the Rio Grande Valley are these karate/Tae Kwon Do tournaments which consist of point sparring. Honorable Warrior Martial Arts in Harlingen is a Kung Fu school which emphasizes San Da/San Shou (full contact sparring), Shui Jiao (take downs), Chin Na (joint manipulations), weapons, and routines that are used to help in real life situations, and promote health and wellness. 

There is a good side to these Karate/Tae Kwon Do tournaments that take place here in the Rio Grande Valley, for one they are local, these tournaments encourage friendly competition, allow other martial arts practitioners to witness other martial arts skills and techniques, allows the martial arts practitioner to compete against others at with the same experience in another art, allows children to gain confidence etc… The tournament that Honorable Warrior Martial Arts in Harlingen attended was Raul Cantu’s 34th annual Mid Valley Karate Championship. This tournament had a huge turnout, most likely due to the fact that Raul Cantu hands out six foot trophies to the winner in each division of the competition.

The first division in the tournament that took place was the 5 and under all ranks division Kata (form division), Chloe Gutierrez of Honorable Warrior Martial Arts was in this division and dominated. This was Chloe’s third tournament as a beginner, she beat out about fifteen other competitors in her division, and some were even intermediate level students.  

Next up was Mia Castillo, Isaiah Colon, and Brianna Colon. Each did very well in their hand forms division Isaiah received a second in hand forms, due to his hard work that he put into his form he only fell a few points short of first place. Sophia and Joseph were up next in the hand form division. They both did an amazing job and were almost flawless in the routines that they displayed to the judges, again these judges were Karate and Tae Kwon Do judges not Kung Fu judges. Some say that the judges are biased to not only to the style they are in, but also to the school they are from if they have any of the competitors from their school there. I hope this is not the case, due to the fact that many of the students put in hard work and dedication to perform in front of other martial arts practitioners, their parents, and other spectators. I hope the reason why many of these students did not place is because  the judges were looking for additional attributes other than difficulty of the displayed routine, confidence, technique, power, and low stances. The attributes mentioned are what I look for when I am called upon to judge at these tournaments.

Next was the sparring division, Chloe Gutierrez was up first and beat the opponent with ease. Her next opponent was an intermediate level student, while Chloe is still a beginner. Chloe did very well against the upper level student but fell short a few points at the end of the fight. Chloe still received third place in her division, not bad for one of the biggest divisions of the tournament. 

Next was Sophia Castillo who also beat her first opponent with ease, but also fell short a few points in her next fights. She too did very well considering the fact that most of her opponents tower over her, but she continues to prove that size is not of importance, and continues to win receiving a third place in her division as well. Next up was Brianna Colon and Mia Castillo, both did very well and fought bravely, but did not place at this tournament for the Karate/Tae Kwon Do type of fighting. 

Next was the weapons division, there was no division for Intermediate’s there was only 13 and under boys and girls advanced division. Even though Joseph and Sophia are both only 8 years old, and intermediate level, they did amazing both taking third place beating out other advanced and older competitors.

Next division was group form division. Joseph Colon and Sophia Castillo put on a tremendous display of hard techniques, power, flexibility, and grace, but did not receive what many think they deserved. They had to settle for second place, many others state that they would have got a better score if the instructor of the group that won would have been fair and awarded them a higher score. I hope this is not the case as well. Martial Arts tournaments are for the competitors not the Instructors!

All in all, I am very proud of the students from Honorable Warrior Martial Arts in Harlingen who gave their best despite all of the adversity students underwent such as politics with in the judging, size difference in sparring, and overall experience with in the age groups. I am very blessed to have such great students that try their best everyday in class. Do not forget the reason HWMA goes to these tournaments….for FUN!!! Win or lose if you gave it your best that’s all I care about!

Good Job students!!!

Overall Tally
1stx 1
2nd x 2
3rd x 4