What will I need to bring to class?

It is customary to buy the martial arts uniform asked by the martial arts school. On the first few months of classes HWMA does not require a uniform all that is required for class is comfortable clothes that one can move around in. This of course is assuming that the individual know that no disrespectful shirts or uniforms from other martial arts schools will be accepted. Shirts bought at tournaments HWMA is affiliated with or has competed at are acceptable. The actual HWMA shirt is for sale from Sifu Oscar, as well as complete uniform. All that is required to your first few months of class is a good attitude!

What is a complete uniform?

Many martial arts schools have their own uniform, many have gi’s such as in BJJ, Judo, TKD, Karate etc… HWMA allows any uniform worn by Kung Fu practitioners such as the frog loop buttons, or Wushu uniforms. Or the uniform provided by HWMA. The minimum uniform required for intermediate level students and up is the HWMA school shirt, kung fu pants, sash, and shoes if necessary. Students many not attend tournaments or demonstrations without complete uniform.

Wear shoes, bare feet, or socks?

HWMA highly recommends Kung Fu shoes, aside from this bare foot, and socks are acceptable as well. Keep in mind wearing socks on our HWMA mats or even carpet will not provide any traction and the student will be vulnerable to slipping.

How does testing work?

HWMA is curriculum based, one will not be able to advance to the next sash until, the MINIMUM requirements are made. Sifu Oscar does not test any students unless he knows they are ready, Sifu Oscar does not believe in failing students or having to re-test. Though it is possible to fail a test, if one does not hold Horse Stance for the required amount of time, or if one does not show up for the test. This is the only way one will fail a promotion test. A student must test with complete uniform.

What is the ranking order of sashes/belts?

Kung Fu traditionally does not have a set order of ranking, but due to many reasons, the order of ranking at HWMA is as follows; White, Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue, Purple, Red, Brown, Brown Gold Tip, Black, and Black Shirt or Sifu Degree.