A Word From Brandon Odoms

Hello. My name is Brandon Odoms, I am a seventeen-year-old male, and have been training in martial arts since I was ten years old. Since I’ve started my journey I’ve trained in many different styles of martial arts to include: Kung Fu, Jiu-Jitsu, Kick boxing, Taekwondo and boxing.

Although I have trained in many forms of martial arts, my primary focus since the beginning has been learning and studying Kung Fu. My walk through martial arts began for many different reasons. However, the main reasons were due to me being overweight, bullied when I was younger, and anger management issues. I am glad to say that all of these problems were resolved through martial arts and has improved my personality as a whole.

When I first met my Kung Fu instructor, Sifu Oscar Olivarez, I couldn’t do a single push up and now I can’t stop doing them. I have gained respect from people, not just because I got in great shape, but also because of a very likable and cooperative personality given to me through my martial arts training.

I am proud to say that my instructor is not only a very talented instructor but he is also very capable of making talented students no matter what the age group. As I said before, when I first started Martial Arts I was very over weight which made doing the tasks given to me in the class very difficult. Often times I would be completely exhausted by the end of the beginning workout. What kept me going was my father’s inspiring words of how this was going to help and benefit me in the future.

At the time I didn’t see the same vision he did from doing martial arts. All I saw was me getting repeatedly tired and losing against everyone I faced, but my dad saw me getting better at martial arts and becoming a very well rounded individual. Needless to say his vision was correct and I’m glad that it was. Not only have my skills in martial arts improved tremendously since I began but I’ve also had the opportunity to teach other students of many ages including my younger brother.

I’ve competed in a large assortment of martial arts tournaments and at one point was even nationally ranked in the International Chinese Martial Arts Championship, or ICMAC for short. I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn martial arts and apply it to my life!

I have achieved the honor of reaching the level of black belt on August 13, 2016 but I plan to continue martial arts, including Kung Fu, for as long as possible!