2015 Competition in Review

The 2015 competition year was a great year for Honorable Warrior Martial Arts in Harlingen, Texas. Not only did we have state champion qualifiers, but World Champions as well. Students of HWMA proved once again that we are the best in Harlingen martial arts and self defense. Many students did not chose to compete this year, instead they focused on beating the true competition of the warrior. The true and only competitor the Honorable Warrior has is beating his/her self. All students at HWMA must strive to be a better they were the day before in all aspects of life not just martial arts. Other aspects of life include education, lifestyle choices, fitness, personality, spiritual connection etcetera. 

For those that chose to compete this year, those warriors did extremely well. Starting off with the more local tournaments Chloe Gutierrrez, Cosme Vasquez, and Brandon Odoms all qualified for the TASK (Texas Amateur Sport Karate) state championship, but none chose to compete. Chloe Gutierrez, and Cosme Vasquez both qualified for TKO Texas Karate Organization) state championship, but both chose to not compete for the state championship title as well. Chloe Gutierrez was the biggest qualifier this year qualifying in three different sport karate organizations for the state championship which included her qualifying her in the AOK (Amateur Organization of Karate) state championship, she did not desire to compete in any of the sport karate championships for the state championship titles. 

Now it’s time for the nitty gritty! The World Star Chinese Martial Arts Championship was held in Houston, Texas and some students from Honorable Warrior Martial Arts chose to compete for this World Title! Chloe Gutierrez, Bradley Odoms, and Brandon Odoms all competed and claimed a world championship title in at least one of the divisions they competed in. Due to the hard work and accomplishments of these students, HWMA is proud to say that it is home to World Champions!

Congratulations to all the competitors that chose to compete at tournaments this year. For those that did not compete at tournaments, that is fine the true competition is with yourself! The only competition is the one you look at in the mirror. Regardless I am one proud Sifu!