Tournament Results for 7-11-15

Students from Honorable Warrior Martial Arts traveled to 184 miles to Laredo Texas to compete in Master Gonzalez’s sport karate tournament named Battle of the Rio Grande. This is part of the T.A.S.K. organization, which stands for Texas Amateur Sport Karate. Competitors traveled from all over the Rio Grande Valley to compete at this tournament making this tournament a true Battle of the Rio Grande.

First up to represent Honorable Warrior Martial Arts was Assistant Instructor Brandon Odoms who competed in the advanced forms division capturing 1st place. Chloe Gutierrez was up next who literally fell to 2nd place. During her form Chloe put in a great amount of power into a slapping pressing stance, and lost her balance, many of her teammates as well as myself believe that is what cost her, the 1st place prize. Cosme Vasquez did great in his division, but fell just a few tenths of a point behind the third place finisher. 

Next up was sparring division in which Assistant Instructor Brandon Odoms fought bravely to capture the 2nd place award. Chloe did well and fought her way up to 1st place. Cosme Vasquez did very well in sparring unfortunately he lost his first match out of about twelve in his division to get knocked out of the brackets. It was a close fight, but unfortunately lost at the end. The competitor who beat him eventually went on to win 1st place in his division. 

Overall the students did very good, we brought home some huge six foot trophies which was the award for 1st place. The tournament was run smoothly, and our competitors were out of the door by about two O’clock. There were quite a bit of competitors so that means the judges, and everyone involved with the competition ran things smoothly and effectively. Congratulations to Master Joe Gonzalez on putting on an outstanding tournament in Laredo Texas, HWMA will definitely be back next year.

Total Tally

1st X 2

2nd X 2