Tournament Result for 6-20-15

On Saturday June 20, 2015 the C&C threat demolished the competition. Cosme Vasquez, and Chloe Gutierrez traveled to Los Fresnos Texas to show everyone what HWMA is all about. HWMA is simply Harlingen’s best when it comes to self defense and martial arts, and we have the warriors to prove it. 

Chloe Gutierrez started off the day by competing in the biggest division of the entire competition. The six and seven year old kids division was one the biggest when it came to forms. Chloe took care of the competition and received the highest score possible from all three judges which is 9.9. Next up was Cosme Vasquez, Cosme received first in his division his scores were 9.9, 9.8, and 9.9. Cosme did very well in ten and eleven beginner boys forms, he received praise from a fellow advanced adult Kung Fu practitioner from Houston as well. Chloe ended the day with sparring, fighting her way to first place. Chloe fought twice and fought bravely to capture the first place prize. In every division that our competitors competed in they received first place and nothing less.

At this tournament promoter Eva Ramirez gave away swords for the first place prize, plaques for second and third, and participation medals for all who did not receive a place. There was cake for all kid competitors, the ninja turtles even made an appearance. All in all it was a great competition, fun was had, experiences were gained, and memories were made. I Sifu Oscar am very proud of the C&C threat as well as the rest of my students. Cosme and Chloe were already winners for just joining the tournament, but did really well by capturing first place prizes.
Total  1st X 3

Thank you to the parents of the competitors for everything you do. The kids as well as myself are blessed to have you in our lives.

 God bless, Sifu Oscar