Tournament Results for 3-20-15

Students of Honorable Warrior Martial Arts traveled about a five hour drive from Harlingen to Houston. The three member team placed in everything they competed in, not just in medals, but in experience and knowledge as well. The small three member team won an amazing nine medals overall, and won the World Star Chinese Martial Arts Championship title. This was the first tournament held by master Ernie Wu, this tournament had the best kung fu schools attend.

The competition started off with Bradley Odoms capturing the traditional hand forms Gold Medal. I might jinx this, but it seems that every time someone competes with one of our pou chuan or cannon fist forms, the students end up placing pretty high. Chloe Gutierrez was next and displayed great stances, power, and technique, but unfortunately was a few tenths of a point behind first place. Brandon Odoms did a great traditional hand form giving him third in his division.

Chloe Gutierrez was next who competed in the Wushu Chang Chuan division, Chloe received first in her division, and had many compliments afterwards. Many Instructors later asked more information about her such as where she is from and who her Sifu was. Chloe also competed in traditional hand forms and captured the gold medal there as well.

Assistant Instructor Brandon Odoms was next in his division, and he took second in traditional long weapons, against very formidable opponents. Brandon Odoms was given very good compliments by Li Hu Men (six direction door) Kung Fu practitioner of twenty years.

The last division of the tournament was sparring, Chloe and Bradley both fought extremely well in their divisions giving them both first place. Brandon Odoms fought hard against his same opponent from last year, Ty Roberts. Ty Roberts is a Junior Olympic Champion and Brandon fought extremely well considering this fact. Brandon won the first round, but lost the next two giving him second place for his division.

Overall extremely proud of my students and their participation at this tournament, truly blessed to have great students. Everyone who competed in a division placed, no one walked away empty handed in a single division.

Total Tally
1st x 5
2nd x 3
3rd x 1