Fiesta de La Feria 2015

On February 28, 2015 students of Honorable Warrior Martial Arts in Harlingen put on a spectacular Kung Fu demonstration. Students who participated in this event were Assistant Instructor Brandon Odoms, Bradley Odoms, Sophia Castillo, Mia Castillo, Joseph Colon, Briana Colon, Isaiah Colon, Chloe Gutierrez, Cosme Vasquez, Pheobe Vasquez, Andy Macias, Ciara Perez, and Adrian Rosales.

All of the students put on a great show, people in the audience commented on how great everyone did. Honorable Warrior Martial Arts in Harlingen would like to thank the city of La Feria, and the committee responsible for putting on such a great event. This event was the Centennial Celebration as well as the 22nd annual Fiesta de La Feria, this is the second year in a row HWMA has attended this event. La Feria always does a great job of giving at putting on this event and making HWMA feel at home. I Sifu Oscar would like to thank all the students for putting hard work into making the demonstrations one of the best we have ever put on. I would also like to thank the parents for all the time and dedication they put towards the practices and the event.

Thank you everyone who made this event possible, I am truly blessed to have such a great group of
students, friends, parents, and family.

HWMA Tournament Results 2-14-15

Manuel Serano’s 10th annual Best of the Best Championship

On February 14, 2015, Chloe Gutierrez traveled to San Antonio to represent Honorable Warrior Martial Arts Harlingen. Chloe did more than just show up to represent, she dominated. This was the first time HWMA attended a TKO (Texas Karate Organization) event. This tournament did not have any other schools from the valley, this tournament had students from the San Antonio, Houston, Austin, and Dallas areas. This tournament was Manuel Serano's 10th annual Best of the Best championship. Manuel Serano put on a great smooth running tournament, lots of martial arts vendors were there, as well as nutritional vendors. The first event of the tournament was the forms division out of fifteen extremely talented 6-7 year old boys and girls  6 year old Chloe brought the 1st place championship to south Texas.

The next and final division was 6-7 year old girl point sparring. Chloe beat her first opponent with ease making her cry with the final kick to make the score six to zero. Chloe displayed honor as well as good sportsmanship telling her good job and giving her a hug. The next fight Chloe fought for was the championship fight. Chloe was ahead the entire fight by either one or two points, but at the last second Chloe did not block a back fist to the side of her head allowing the little girl to tie up the fight six to six. The two girls now had to face each other in sudden death, Chloe fought honorably and bravely but ended up walking away with 2nd place.

Overall I am very proud of Chloe Gutierrez, she tried her very best and that is all that matters. She has made me one happy Sifu, I look forward to seeing her as well as my other students compete at the upcoming tournaments.