HWMA Tournament Results for August 30th, 2014

On August 30th, Chloe Gutierrez and Bradley Odoms attended Armando Saldana’s Kajukenbo Cancer tournament in Mercedes, Texas. The day started off with specialty division in which Chloe competed in, she did very considering it was her first time using a weapon with music. Next was 6 and 7 year old beginner boys and girls, Chloe tied twice, and walked away with a second place. Next was Bradley Odoms who walked away with a second place in his division as well. After forms was Chloe’s division in sparring in which she did very well to blow away the competition and win in the first place fight by a five point spread! Bradley did very well in his sparring division and received a third place not bad considering his division was one of the biggest of the tournament.

I Sifu Oscar am very proud of my students, Honorable Warrior Martial Arts does not practice for these tournaments, the main tournaments HWMA practices for are the Kung Fu tournaments. Kung Fu tournaments are more realistic. Overall I am very proud of my students as always because they tried their best.

Overall Tally 

Sifu Kenneth Edwards visits HWMA

Honorable Warrior Martial Arts had planned to attend a tournament in Dallas Texas in late July, but many parents as well as Sifu Oscar had thought there would be a better way to bring a great Kung Fu experience to the children. Through hard work, fundraising, and very generous donations, HWMA was honored with Sifu Kenneth Edwards teachings. Sifu Kenneth Edwards is not just a Sifu of wa lum kung fu, but of Eagle Claw Kung Fu as well. Sifu Edwards has mastered the entire Shum Leung Ying Jow Pai as well as Wu style curriculum. Sifu Oscar has always wanted to become a true eagle claw instructor due to his early teachings of eagle claw as a child. Many other martial arts instructors claim to know eagle claw or teach it, but Shum Leung’s lineage is unsurpassed. Sifu Edwards has also appeared in big Hollywood motion pictures such as Mortal Kombat, in addition Sifu Edwards is also an author of martial arts books. 

Sifu Oscar Olivarez has looked up to Sifu Edwards for quite some time and was honored with Sifu Edwards presence. Sifu Edwards was able to instruct not only Sifu Oscar Olivarez, but the students of Honorable Warrior Martial Arts as well. Sifu Edwards taught some amazing self defense techniques as well as bully prevention tactics with his high energy and comical way of instructing. Overall it was a great experience for everyone, the Valley Morning Star even did an article on Sifu Edwards and Honorable Warrior Martial Arts. Sifu Oscar Olivarez would like to thank Valley Morning Star for a great article in the paper, Elite Cheer Force for using their facility, the parents for believing in Sifu Oscar, and the students for being on their best behavior, and making Sifu Oscar proud as always. Sifu Oscar is now learning the Shum Leung lineage, Honorable Warrior Martial Arts is now the only school that teaches legitimate Eagle Claw Kung Fu as well as Shaolin, and Wushu. Thank you once again for everyone and everything they have done to make HWMA one of the greatest schools in the Rio Grande Valley.