HWMA Tournament Results for May 3, 2014

May 3, 2014 Joey Serna and Chloe Gutierrez of Honorable Warrior Martial Arts displayed great performances in their perspective divisions. First event of “Lightning” Sorrels tournament was 5 and under specialty division, Chloe Gutierrez competed in this division for her first time performing Shaolin Kwan Staff and received a 3rd place. Next Chloe competed in the 5 and under hand form division Chloe tied for 2nd having to perform her Tao Lu or form again. After performing Pou Chuan, or Cannon Fist for the judges, she ended up tying again, this time the judges had to point to who they thought the winner was, Chloe was not chosen for 2nd receiving a 3rd, never the less still proud of her. Joey Serna was up next to represent Honorable Warrior Martial Arts, in just two or three months Joey had received a his first sash at HWMA and has also competed at his first tournament. Joey received a 2nd place in 12 and 13 beginner hand forms, not bad for his first time competing at a martial arts tournament. Chloe was up next again this time for sparring, she fought bravely and defeated her first opponent, but her second match went to sudden death and the other opponent won, still very proud of her. The competition day ended with Joey Serna fighting for his first time at a tournament, he had the lead at the beginning of the match, but fell short by one point at the end of the fight awarding him 3rd place.

I Sifu Oscar, am very proud of these two warriors, they had enough courage to attend this tournament, and at least step in front of lots of people and show their hard work to judges. Thank you to the parents that support their children in their martial arts journey. Thank you to the students that proudly represented HWMA at this tournament. Thank you God for blessing me with hard working, smart, good hearted students. It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about trying your best!!

P.S. Next tournament is July 18-20, 2014 in the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport Area Grapevine, Texas. HWMA has not attended this tournament since its opening, this will be the first time. This tournament is in it’s 104 year anniversary. This tournament should run pretty smooth, due to the experience. I myself have competed at this tournament when I was a kid through the Bak Shaolin Eagle Claw team. This is a big one, a competitor is considered a world champion if he/she wins at this tournament. It would be great if HWMA would make a big showing at this tournament for the first time. It is also one of the very few Kung Fu tournaments HWMA attends. Please try to make plans for this tournament.