Fiesta de La Feria 2014

On February 22, 2014 students of Honorable Warrior Martial Arts in Harlingen put on a tremendous Kung Fu display of power, speed, flexibility, and grace at the 2014 Fiesta de La Feria. Students who attended this event were Jr. Assistant Brandon Odoms, Bradley Odoms, Sophia Castillo, Mia Castillo, Joseph Colon, Isaiah Colon, Brianna Colon, and Chloe Gutierrez. All of them put on a tremendous demonstration and shocked the crowd.

Honorable Warrior Martial Arts in Harlingen would like to thank the city of La Feria, and the committee responsible for putting on such a great event. The event was not only great due to the amazing performance of Honorable Warrior Martial Arts, but of all the other events going on at the Fiesta as well. Amazing music was being played, delicious food was being served, and fun games as well as arts and crafts were provided for the children.

I Sifu Oscar would personally like to thank three individual students that made the event run smoothly, the individuals are Jr. Assistant Brandon Odoms, Joseph Colon, and Sophia Castillo. As I was making announcements, these students were helping with the lineup and telling other students who was next, and who should get ready to perform. Honorable Warrior Martial Arts had to put on two forty five minute demonstrations. This is not easy to do, with the help of these students the demonstration was a success. 

Once again thank you to those individuals, thank you to the city of La Feria, thank you to the parents who are doing a great job in raising Honorable Warriors, and thank you to DTROCK DJ service who provided the sound equipment and the microphone. The event would not have been a success without everyone who helped and participated. I am very blessed to have such great people in my life, thank you once again. 

Thank you, Sifu Oscar