Kung Fu Tournament Results - ICMAC 2014

Members of HWMA kung fu traveled 350 miles to Houston, Texas to capture not only earned gifts of gold, silver, and bronze, but to gain knowledge and experience as well. The small five member team from Harlingen went home with an astonishing SEVENTEEN medals and seven southern regional championship titles part of the International Chinese Martial Arts Circuit, where only the best in Chinese Martial Arts attend. Last year when HWMA attended this tournament there were over 300 competitors at this exact tournament. This year there were definitely more competitors, an estimated 350-400 or more competitors were said to have attended this year.

The kung fu competition started off with the Colon clan, at the end of the day everyone knew the Colons. The judges even said “o yes the Colons are here, they are the ones with attitude”. Isaiah was the first to compete of the day with him sweeping the competition like always taking the gold in traditional boy’s forms 6 and under. His twin dragon Briana who was given the name “spicy Jalapeno” by a Sifu from another prominent martial arts school in the Houston Area, took home gold in traditional hand form 6 and under girls. Next were Bradley Odoms and Joseph Colon both taking bronze in their perspective categories for traditional hand forms. Brandon Odoms displayed an amazing advanced level traditional hand form, but due to the amazing talent displayed in the 14-17 advanced boys division Brandon was a few tenths of a point from taking the bronze. This did not stop Brandon who was the youngest in his division taking the bronze in traditional long weapon as well as in traditional short weapon. Next was Joseph Colon who displayed an amazing traditional short broadsword form taking the silver. The total count for traditional divisions was four bronze, one silver, and two gold.

 Next was the Wushu Division where the twin dragons swept the competition taking the gold in their perspective categories. The older brother of the twin dragons took home the gold in intermediate Wushu boys 7-9 year old division. Brandon Odoms took home one silver medal in advanced Wushu Hand forms, and one gold medal in Wushu Long weapons. The total count for Wushu divisions was four gold, one silver.
The tournament ended with continuous sparring, which was the main reason for traveling 350 miles to compete. Isaiah defeated two opponents in his division taking home the gold for the third time that day. Every event Isaiah competed in he swept the competition. Brianna Colon 6 years old fought 3 hard battles to achieve a silver medal, Brianna was the youngest in 9 and under girls sparring.  Bradley Odoms did very well in his division for sparing taking home the bronze. Joseph fought four hard fights but came down to him taking the silver in his huge division, not bad for him having a fever and strep throat. This only showed that true warriors never give up! Brandon fought two hard battles and came away with a silver medal in sparring as well. The total count for continuous sparring division was one bronze, three silver, and one gold.

All in all this tournament was a learning experience for all the students, as well as, the parents and myself. Many noticed that there were different people in different divisions, many students from different schools train in only one style such as traditional, Wushu, or sparring. At HWMA I train my students to be proficient in all levels of competition and Chinese martial arts. I am very proud of my students who earned another notch in their belt as well as my respect. I am truly honored to be their Sifu, I am very blessed to have such talented and well behaved students.

Total medal count
1st x 7
2nd x 5
3rd x 5

We are the best in Harlingen Kung Fu!