Tournament Results 8/3/13

Aliyah Castillo (middle), Bradley Odoms (left),
Brandon Odoms (right)

On August 3, 2013 students of Honorable Warrior Martial Arts attended Black Cobra Kajukenbo 3rd Annual Martial Arts Tournament in Palmview, Texas held by Mr. Macias.

We took home:

1st x 5
2nd x 1
3rd x 4

The gym hardly had a place to allow the spectators to sit making it difficult to see all of the events going on. To start off the day, fourteen year old Brandon Odoms shocked the crowd with his Shaolin short staff form in the 14-17 specialty weapons division taking the 1st place win.

Five year old Mia Castillo was up next in 5 and under beginner hand forms taking the 1st  place win.

Aliyah Castillo displayed a powerful cannon fist form taking home 1st place in the 10-11 beginner girls hand form category.

Bradley Odoms took a controversial 3rd place in 6-7 hand forms, and later fought three hard fights. It came down to sudden death for the 1st place in fighting and came short by one point taking 2nd.

Sophia Castillo fought hard as well, taking a 3rd place. Aliyah Castillo fought hard earning a 3rd place win, and Brandon Odoms took his usual place as the champion earning a 1st  place in both hand forms and fighting as well as specialty as mentioned earlier. Mia Castillo took second place if fighting for this tournament.

A friendly rivalry has been made between the two sisters Sophia and Mia, and another group of sisters every tournament. There is nothing like friendly competition to push and make the students try harder next time.

The total tally for the competition was four 3rd places, one 2nd place, and an astonishing five 1st places. HWMA put on a good show at this tournament, for some of the competitors this was there first event, and they did very well. For other students this was just another notch in their belt.

I, Sifu Oscar, am very proud as always of my students. I saw everyone give it their best, and that’s all I ever ask for, I always tell the students if you tried your best and have no regrets then you got 1st place in my book. Thank you for all the support to the parents and some grandparents that went to support HWMA. Congratulations to everyone get ready for the upcoming tournaments.

Sifu, Oscar Olivarez