September Tournament Results

A little late for these tournament results but better late than never. Two tournaments were held in September. First was the King of The Jungle Karate Tournament Held at South Padre Island. This competition is the biggest tournament in the Rio Grande Valley every year. Competitors as far as Louisiana came to this tournament. It is a National Black Belt League Tournament or NBL tournament. Some of these competitions show on ESPN; that’s how big of a deal these tournaments are. This tournament was held On September 6th, and 7th at the Hilton Garden Inn. 

First Day of competition was weapons forms. First up in the weapons division was Joseph Colon who came away with a second place win in beginner traditional weapons with his powerful broadsword form. Next was Aliah Castillo who missed her beginner category and due to a mix up competed in the intermediate division. She still came away with a jaw dropping second place in INTERMEDIATE weapons for her age group. 

The following day was everything else! The day started off with the demo division, in this tournament any one can sign up to do a form and receive a medal and a stuffed animal, since this was going to be Mia Castillo’s first tournament this was a good way to “get her feet wet”. For her first tournament, she did extremely well and put on one of the best performances in that division. 

The next division was the twin dragons division with twins Isaiah, and Briana Colon. Isaiah put on an amazing performance, but the judges didn’t see what we saw, he fell just a tenth of a point behind the third place finisher but put on one of the best performances in my eyes. His twin dragon Briana put on an amazing display of our Pou Chuan, or Cannon Fist form, and came away with a second place win. 

Next to compete was the older brother of the twins Joseph Colon, he as well blew the judges away with his performance capturing the second place position. 

Bradley Odoms also competed in that division and took first place right after Joseph. 

Next was Aliah Castillo who also took second place in traditional forms. 

Jr. Assistant Brandon Odoms Also Came away with a second place steal in his traditional hand forms division as well as his newly learned Pudao form in open weapons. 

Next was the point sparing division, Aliah Castillo fought extremely hard, and came away with a second place win. 

Joseph Colon also came away with a second place win in point fighting. 

Jr. Assistant Brandon Odoms fought four extremely hard matches against very experienced fighters, and came away with a third place win in that category as well. 

The following week Sophia Castillo Competed at Mr. Saldana’s fight for cancer tournament held in Mercedes. She did very well! She received a First Place in Weapons division, second place in forms, and fought two hard matches, and was the smallest in her division like always. Sophia Castillo constantly proves that size does not matter. Sophia walked away with a third place in Sparring. 

Overall I am very happy with my students progress. Tournaments are not required for testing, but it is very good for experience. Local tournaments are not pushed as much as the further tournaments such as ICMAC (International Chinese Martial Arts Competition) circuit tournaments or the Legends of Kung Fu Tournament. These local tournaments are mainly point sparring, due to Karate and Tae Kwan Do rules. The tournaments the students as well as myself get excited about, are the continuous fighting tournaments which are the Kung Fu tournaments mentioned above. Any tournament is mainly for fun and experience. I am very pleased with all the students performances like always!

King of The Jungle Tournament Results Saldana’s Cancer Tournament Results
1st X 1 1st X 1
2nd X 10 2nd X 1
3rd X 0 3rd X 1

Tournament Results 8/3/13

Aliyah Castillo (middle), Bradley Odoms (left),
Brandon Odoms (right)

On August 3, 2013 students of Honorable Warrior Martial Arts attended Black Cobra Kajukenbo 3rd Annual Martial Arts Tournament in Palmview, Texas held by Mr. Macias.

We took home:

1st x 5
2nd x 1
3rd x 4

The gym hardly had a place to allow the spectators to sit making it difficult to see all of the events going on. To start off the day, fourteen year old Brandon Odoms shocked the crowd with his Shaolin short staff form in the 14-17 specialty weapons division taking the 1st place win.

Five year old Mia Castillo was up next in 5 and under beginner hand forms taking the 1st  place win.

Aliyah Castillo displayed a powerful cannon fist form taking home 1st place in the 10-11 beginner girls hand form category.

Bradley Odoms took a controversial 3rd place in 6-7 hand forms, and later fought three hard fights. It came down to sudden death for the 1st place in fighting and came short by one point taking 2nd.

Sophia Castillo fought hard as well, taking a 3rd place. Aliyah Castillo fought hard earning a 3rd place win, and Brandon Odoms took his usual place as the champion earning a 1st  place in both hand forms and fighting as well as specialty as mentioned earlier. Mia Castillo took second place if fighting for this tournament.

A friendly rivalry has been made between the two sisters Sophia and Mia, and another group of sisters every tournament. There is nothing like friendly competition to push and make the students try harder next time.

The total tally for the competition was four 3rd places, one 2nd place, and an astonishing five 1st places. HWMA put on a good show at this tournament, for some of the competitors this was there first event, and they did very well. For other students this was just another notch in their belt.

I, Sifu Oscar, am very proud as always of my students. I saw everyone give it their best, and that’s all I ever ask for, I always tell the students if you tried your best and have no regrets then you got 1st place in my book. Thank you for all the support to the parents and some grandparents that went to support HWMA. Congratulations to everyone get ready for the upcoming tournaments.

Sifu, Oscar Olivarez

Results from ICMAC Houson 2013

Honorable Warrior Martial Arts Combat Team

Students of Honorable Warrior Martial Arts located in Harlingen at the Harlingen Sports Center on 516 W Van Buren recently attended a five out of five star rated tournament on the International Chinese Martial Arts Championship circuit. This tournament was held in Stafford Texas at the Stafford Centre just south of Houston. Over 300 competitors from around the nation competed at this tournament. Competitors came from cities as close as Corpus Christi, Houston and Dallas, and states as far as Louisiana, Colorado, and California. Only the best in Chinese Martial Arts attended this tournament.

For Honorable Warrior Martial Arts they were considered the under dogs as the school has just been opened for less than six months. The young six member team swept the competition and brought back eleven medals, in each division the students competed in they placed!

The team consisted of six year old twins Isaiah and Brianna Colon. The twin dragon’s defeated everyone in their division with Isaiah taking the gold and Brianna taking silver in six and under beginner forms. The next division was the beginner boys 7-9 year old forms with the older brother of the twin dragons Joseph Colon only seven years old being the underdog and sweeping the competition in both forms and fighting captivating the gold. Joseph Colon had to fight another student from a Louisiana Kung Fu school and dominated the fight.

Sophia Castillo from Mercedes entered the 7-9 year old girls forms and took the silver in both traditional forms and Wushu.

Bradley Odoms from Harlingen took the silver in 7-9 beginner boys very good for his first tournament and only being in martial arts for a few months.

The biggest winner and biggest underdog of the competition due to age grouping was Brandon Odoms thirteen of Harlingen Competing in four different divisions and taking the gold in three out of four. Brandon started the competition with
 Intermediate teens 13-17 Modern Wushu sweeping the competition taking the Gold in that division. Brandon competed in 13-17 traditional forms taking a bronze medal, and 13-17 traditional weapons taking the Gold in that division. Brandon also took the gold medal in Intermediate Juniors fighting 13-15. And even did an exhibition match against an older more advanced competitor from Denver Colorado and won.

The total number of medals that the young team brought back was eleven not bad for the young six member team of Honorable Warrior Martial Arts. Sifu Oscar 22 year old from Harlingen the head instructor of the Kung Fu school says “I tell the students all the time it’s not about winning; it’s about trying your best and having fun”. This was a great experience for the kids of Honorable Warrior Martial Arts and they hope to do good if not better at future tournaments. For more information please contact Sifu Oscar Olivarez of Honorable Warrior Martial Arts at 956-491-3189 or visit

Tri-School Martial Arts Tournament Results

Tri-School Martial Arts Tournament Harlingen Texas

The three schools represented today at the Tri-School Martial Arts tournaments was Rick Ramiez's Tae Kwon Do, Honorable Warrior Martial Arts, both from the Harlingen Sports Center and Team True Force Martial Arts from Dave's Gym.

HWMA had a great showing today with some 1st, 2nd, and 3rds. All in all, everyone put forth a really good effort and we are proud of all our students. 

The winning results are as follows:

Sparring 10 and under

Isaiah 2nd 
Briana 3rd

Forms 10 and under

Joseph 1st
Briana 2nd
Bradley 3rd

Point Sparring 11 and over

Brandon  1st

Forms 11 and over 

Brandon 1st. 

This was a great opportunity to prepare for the tournament on March 2, 2013

We would like to thank Rick Ramiez's Tae Kwon Do and Team True Force Martial Arts for allowing us this opportunity to compete with their students. In addition, we would also like to thank Dave's Gym for allowing us to use their facilities. 

Read more news about our Harlingen Martial Arts Program.

Congratulations to our most recent Achievers.

We would like to congratulate Joseph Colon and Sophia Castillo on a job well done during the rank test that took place on February 9, 2013. Both were promoted to green sash, the third level in our system.) They have worked tirelessly over the past few months to perfect the needed skills for this level. We are proud of the dedication they have show to their future in Martial Arts.

Joseph with Sifi Oscar

 We would also like to congratulate Aaliyah for being promoted to white belt. The white belt is the school’s first achievement level in the ranking system.

Belt ranking is White, Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue, Purple, Red, Brown, Brown with Gold Tip, and Black.

Upcoming Kung Fu tournament.

Our school will be participating in an upcoming tournament in Houston, Texas. We are excited about our first chance as a school to compete on such a high level. We expect to receive a large amount of experience out of this trip.

The Tournament is going to take place at Houston Marriott, Westchase on March 2, 2013.

We'll keep you posted.