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About Us: Honorable Warrior Martial Arts, located in Harlingen, Texas is led by Sifu Oscar Olivarez. For 7 years, Sifu Oscar has been teaching martial arts in the Harlingen area. He offers a wide variety of classes to suit a number of individuals. Some of his classes include Kung Fu, Wushu, Chin Na, San Da, Ground Fighting, as well as private one-on-one lessons. Please browse our classes page for more information on our curriclulum. 

HWMA is the home to locally recognized as well as internationally recognized students. Men, Women, Children, Beginner and Advanced are welcome to join in the world of Kung Fu; where everyone can learn the values of Health, Determination, Confidencce, Discipline, Respect and Honor.

Interested in a complimentary introductory class? Call (956) 491-3189 to set up your free introductory class to jump right in to the action, or visit the school to get more information.One Mind... One Body... One Honorable Choice... Kung Fu!

We offer training in

Eagle Claw - Grabbing, Grappling, ripping, pressure points, joint manipulation, locks and holds

Chin Na - Is emphasized in the more advanced ranks which teach the joint manipulation and lock-downs. Chin Na resembles a lot of Aikido, and Hapkido techniques. Pressure points are used in the Eagle Claw China Na system. 

Wushu - A sport developed in China to help people standardize competition for Kung Fu tournaments. Much athleticism is required for this form of Kung Fu. Wushu is very flashy with high jumps, flips, and technical punches, kicks and stances. 

Sanda - A competitive sport deriving from Traditional Chinese Martial arts and Wushu. Sanda, or San Shou is Chines Kick Boxing with throws. Originally the competitor was to be thrown off a slightly high platform.

Shaolin - Although some state that no style can be accurately be traced back to the original Shaolin training styles. Many of our forms and techniques have been handed down to us from modern day Shaolin monks.

Ground Fighting - No Gi ground fighting/grappling techniques that can be used in MMA or for self defense with our eagle claw pressure points.

In addition to our development of self-defense we also promote a strong mind and a strong body. Stretching and body strengthening are done daily. Focus is placed on respect for everyone and oneself.

Praise be to the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle. - Psalm 144:1

Harlingen Kung Fu Class

Harlingen Kung Fu Class
Honorable Warrior Martial Arts
209 South Gate Drive, Harlingen, TX 78550

Call us at 956-491-3189 to schedule your free lesson or inquire about details.